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The local heart is beating again with ShopSafari

In a world where online shopping dominates, ShopSafari breathes new life into our local streets. We created a digital platform where small businesses are spotlighted and shopaholics fall in love again with authentic local shopping. A vibrant hub of business dreams and shoppers, this platform shows how ShopSafari makes local weather globally relevant.



Mapping local businesses: our goal for ShopSafari

When we designed ShopSafari, our mission was clear: a fusion of local stores into one fluid digital experience. With ambition, we developed a dynamic map that visually connects users to each storefront. Complemented by a solid account management system, retailers have the freedom to claim their place in this digital landscape. The result? A trading melody where every note, from user to owner, flows together perfectly. Your ambition, our design expertise, and together we explore the streets of innovation.


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