Corporate identity design

Behind every successful brand is a powerful story and a recognizable corporate identity. At Sprk Studios, we dive into the core of your brand, capturing its essence in a coherent and impressive visual identity.
Our approach to corporate identity design goes beyond looks; we create designs that embody your company’s mission, vision and values. Together, we make sure your brand not only stands out, but also makes a lasting impression, building a deep connection with your target audience.

Visual Storytelling

We capture the essence of your brand in every design element, creating a recognizable and memorable visual story.

Brand Experience

Emotional Connection

Distinctive Ability

Consistent & Flexible

Consistency is the key to recognition, but flexibility allows for growth. Our designs balance both with precision.


Customizable Design

Cross-media Use

More than Logos

A corporate identity goes beyond just a logo. We dive deep into colors, typography, and more to paint an overall picture.

Color palette


Visual Language

Translate core values into unforgettable visual identity

In an age where visual content is king, it is crucial that your brand does not blend in with the masses. At Sprk Studios, we dive deeper than just superficial designs; we dig down to the roots of your brand identity.


Using your unique values and story as a guide, we create designs that not only grab attention, but also build an emotional connection with your target audience. This is how we ensure that your brand is not only seen, but remembered and appreciated.

Sustainable Design

Our designs are timeless and made to grow with your business regardless of industry changes.



Long-term Impact

Customer-oriented Approach

We listen first, design later. Your feedback and vision are central to the creative process.



Customer Priority

Our work process

Discover our streamlined journey from idea to launch.

Contact & Discussion

Our adventure begins! We will discuss your vision and the specific needs for your project.

Design & Conceptualization

Our creatives dive into design, bringing your ideas to life in visual concepts.

Development & Implementation

Our developers take over, transforming the design into a functioning digital solution.

Testing & Feedback

We ensure quality by thorough testing and incorporating your feedback.

Launch & Completion

The big moment! We launch your project and celebrate its success together.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What does a complete corporate identity include with you?

A complete corporate identity includes logo design, color palette, typography, imagery and guidelines for consistent use.

How long does it take to develop a corporate identity?

Depending on the specific needs, it may take several weeks. We will always create a timeline that fits your needs.

What if I already have a logo, but want to refine the rest of the corporate identity?

You can! We can work from an existing logo and develop or refine the other elements of the corporate identity.

Will I also receive guidelines for using my new corporate identity?

Absolutely. We provide a corporate identity manual with clear guidelines for the correct and consistent use of all design elements.

What happens if I am not satisfied with the design?

Your satisfaction is our priority. We have revision rounds built into the process to ensure that the end result is exactly what you envisioned.

How do you make sure my corporate identity is unique?

We begin with thorough research and dialogue to fully understand your brand and then create a design that is truly unique to your business.

Can I make changes to my corporate identity in the future?

Of course. A strong brand evolves. Although we strive for a timeless design, modifications can always be made to meet changing needs.


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