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Sprk Studios is more than digital services. We are your digital partner. No expensive offices, no detours. Our team works 100% remotely, which means online anywhere and always available. You will always receive a response from us within 24 hours. No “hourly-billing” mentality, but true strategic collaboration. You don’t choose just any team, but thoughtful digital strategies and concrete results. With Sprk Studios by your side, together we dominate the digital playing field.


Starting as a solo venture, we quickly grew into a dynamic online agency. Our founder, Stijn, saw a need: reliable online solutions for young, innovative companies. Sprk Studios was born.


Every startup deserves a solid online presence. Our goal is to support young entrepreneurs, realize their vision and provide them with the digital tools they need to thrive.


We strive to be the digital partner for entrepreneurs worldwide. Through innovation and deep expertise, we aim to stay ahead, always responding to changing online needs.

Our story

From humble beginnings to a leading digital agency, this is our story.

Solo Start: The Early Years

Sprk Studios began as a freelance sole proprietorship driven by a passion for design and technology.

First Big Customer

The quality of our work is recognized. We take on our biggest freelance project and put out an impressive result.

Growth & Transformation

From freelancer to digital agency. Sprk Studios is evolving, with an ambition to serve more clients.

Two Teams, One Vision

With growing demand, we split into two dynamic teams: Design & Development. Each team with its own expertise but both driven by the same vision.

Innovation & Excellence

We invest in training and tools to stay ahead in both design and technology, constantly providing innovative solutions.

Stronger Together: Present & Future Vision

With a strong and dedicated team, we are now an established name in the digital world. As we look back on our humble beginnings, we look forward to a future full of opportunity and growth.

Exceptionalism in every detail of the digital playing field

Passion and Precision
An unquenchable passion for design and technology burns at the heart of Sprk Studios. But passion alone is not enough; we combine it with a meticulous attention to detail, making each project not only functional, but also artistic.


Reliable Partnership
Where other agencies stop, we continue. Our clients see us not as a temporary service provider, but as an extension of their team. This trust is the foundation upon which Sprk Studios is built, and it is the reason clients choose us time and time again.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How did Sprk Studios come to be?

Sprk Studios began as a sole proprietorship, but over the years has grown into a leading digital agency with specialized teams in both design and development.

What makes Sprk Studios unique compared to other digital agencies?

Our commitment to both aesthetics and functionality, combined with our dual expertise in design and development, puts us at the forefront of digital innovation.

How big is Sprk Studios' team and what are their specializations?

Sprk Studios consists of two core teams: Design and Development. Each team consists of experts committed to delivering the best results in their respective fields.

What projects or milestones have been critical to Sprk Studios' growth?

Over the years, we have worked on numerous projects that have contributed to our growth. From startup branding to comprehensive web applications, each project has shaped us and driven us to innovate.

How does Sprk Studios continue to innovate and keep up with itself in a constantly changing digital world?

Continuous education, attending workshops, and a passion for discovering the latest technologies and design trends keep us on our toes and at the forefront of the industry.

Why should I choose Sprk Studios for my next digital project?

Because we believe in creating solutions that are aesthetically pleasing and technically sound. Our dedicated team strives to turn every project into a masterpiece that adds value to your business.


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