Creating a unified digital platform for Scholaro

After successfully branding Scholaro, a pioneering startup from Sweden innovating the trade show system, we took on the task of translating this fresh brand identity into a compelling online presence. Scholaro's goal of bringing together students and scholarship providers in Europe called for a dynamic and intuitive platform. Our challenge was to develop a website that reflected Scholaro's innovative nature and contributed to their growth plans.



Driving Scholaros growth with strategic website design

Building on the strategic brand story developed for Scholaro, we wanted to create an interactive and engaging website that effectively communicates their unique value proposition. With a focus on maximum visibility and engagement, we used SEO best practices and design principles focused on the user. This website not only supports Scholaro's European expansion, but also strengthens their position as a leader in the scholarship industry by providing an optimized, user-friendly digital platform for students and scholarship providers.

screencapture-scholaro-io-2023-06-29-15_53_38 (1)


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