OpenMaze: A Revolution in Online Education

In an era where online education is flourishing, OpenMaze is at the forefront, enriched by AI and the passion of young professionals. They have a vision: to transform the traditional document experience. With the Q-App, a document is not just a piece of text, but an interactive platform where users can ask questions as if they were in conversation with the author. OpenMaze goes beyond technology; it is about creating meaningful connections in education while maintaining user integrity and privacy.



Innovative Website for OpenMaze: ReactJS, Vite and Vercel

Our goal was clear: to create an online environment for OpenMaze that matched the power of their AI tools and reflected their commitment to innovation and integrity. The new website, developed in ReactJS and Vite and hosted on Vercel, not only provides a user-friendly experience but also highlights OpenMazes unique approach to educational technology and their commitment to privacy and transparency.



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